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Foreword by Peter Cohen

What others have said...

...about The Internet Peering Playbook

"I would like to state how beautifully your book covers what one needs in the industry and also in the academia. is a bible to prepare the business case proposals and win the negotiations!"

Mehrdad Khakparaghi

“This book really reveals the true nature of the Internet. It gives a practical view about the Internet market which even many engineers developing Internet protocols are lacking. This is the number one book to learn the ways of which companies create interconnections in the Internet to serve their customers. Sometimes this requires even a rigorous fight for better performance and lower costs.”

Suomi Henna

"If you have attended any Industry networking forums you've probably met Bill Norton. Leveraging his extensive experience in the industry he has managed to write what I think is the most (and perhaps only?) comprehensive Internet peering practicum out there. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the many aspects involved in peering relationships from the technical to the economics of it. The book is very well structured throughout and BGP is not a requirement to dive into the material. I would definitely recommend it."

George San Pedro

End users see the Internet as a seamless, global, ubiquitous communication medium. Behind the scenes, there are many individual networks, owned and operated by different corporate, institutional, and governmental entities. ISPs connect their networks to each other in order to exchange traffic between their customers and customers of other ISPs. Since there is no single ISP that has its cables connected to all computers in the world, ISP interconnection is the glue that holds the Internet together.

As a rule, textbooks on computer networks are focused on protocols, switching, routing, addressing, and internetworking issues. In contrast, the focus of "The Internet Peering Playbook" is on technical and business aspects of ISP interconnection. In other words, it addresses the question of what mechanisms are used to enable owners and operators of different networks to collaborate as business entities in the provision of seamless end-to-end Internet connectivity to all of their customers.

The book is well-written and provides a comprehensive overview of ISP interconnection and traffic exchange strategies. It also includes numerous real-world examples and case studies, derived from the author’s own experience in Internet transit and peering, and the lessons learned there. This book will be useful to all readers without exception: for network administrators and engineers, researchers and practitioners, teachers and students.

Dr. Roman Dunaytsev,

Space Internetworking Center, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

“For someone who wants to know more about peering or is thinking of taking the steps into peering this book is a must have!”

– Jon Waldron

“I think that the author has done a great service here to a very extended set of networking professionals, that go way beyond the peering community, by writing this book.”

 –Nickolaous Laoutaris

 “Bill Norton is one of the rockstars of Internet peering. The Internet Peering Playbook lays the groundwork to help you make peering an integral part of your network strategy.”

 – Steve Ginsberg, Pandora

 “The book is a great start to understand peering, the leverage it provides, and the clever ways it is used in the ecosystem. We hand it out to parties needing understanding and guidance and to new personnel.”

– Job Witteman, AMS-IX 

“I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand how the Internet is built.”

– Scott Landman

“Mr. Norton is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the subject of Internet Peering – this is a must-read for network operators.”

– Ari Benowitz, HighWinds

“Essential Reading.”

– Martin Sanne, SEACOM

 “This book is destined to be the peering bible.”

– Jeff Turner, InterStream

“Increasing an understanding of Internet economics and peering fundamentals is an essential part of our work to help developing countries grow their networks.  We put copies of Bill's book into the hands of everyone from network administrators to government officials.”

– Karen Rose, Michuki Mwangi, Internet Society

 “I walked away from this workshop with a clear understanding of the underlying principals of Internet peering, the business rationale for how decisions are made, and a deep appreciation of the evolution that is underway as video transport begins to dominate the Internet.”

 – Mark Canha

 “Your workshop is still being referred to as the benchmark of most useful technical workshop ever.”

– Jaco Muller, Head of Technical Operations, MWEB

“William Norton really has ‘written the book’ on peering!”

 – Bob Bender, CTS Telecom

“Even if you are not responsible for peering for your ISP, involved in data center operations, or an expert in the Internet, if you are interested in how the Internet works, you will enjoy this book.”

– Zen Kishimoto

“The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet is an authoritative guide for understanding the complex business relationships inside the Internet and their implications for Internet users. Written by a highly experienced practitioner, the accessible guide is essentially a picture book combining clear verbal and visual narratives. While simple in presentation, the book offers deep insights into the state and evolution of Internet economic affairs. Both descriptive and analytic, the writing incorporates numerous anecdotes and historical perspectives to highlight its crucial points. This unique book is an indispensable read for scientific researchers of the Internet.”

– Sergey Gorinsky, Senior Researcher, IMDEA Networks

“Great foundation in understanding the basis for ISP peering, interaction, and insight into where those relationships are heading (upcoming challenges).”

 – David Mindel, Cisco Systems


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Foreword by Peter Cohen

This material is from The Internet Peering Playbook, available from (click below) and on the iBookStore.

This material is from The Internet Peering Playbook, available from (click below) and on the iBookStore.